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Anna’s Visit

A few weekends ago one of my cousins, Anna, came out to Denver for a day. So we took her up through the mountains and toured a little through downtown. Anyway, here are a few snapshots from the 24 hours she was here:


we stopped over at Beau Jo’s for an awesome lunch. I always recommend people pop over for their amazing pizza when they’re in town.


1517 Miner St. Idaho Springs, CO 80452

Ph: 303-567-4376


I especially recommend you try their non-filtered wheat beer, Jack Whacker Wheat


They have a world map where patrons add a pin to where they’re from. Anna added her Cyprus one!


Across the street is this pretty waterfall that was starting to thaw out.


some fishing


Afterwards we went out for a lovely Greek meal, where we stuffed our faces, and I took her out for a quick drink afterwards. Even though she was only here for a short time, we managed to squeeze in quite a bit! 

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